Mermaid Tails

So, I’ve done about 15 of these mermaid tails and made each one unique using various different patterns also. They’re really popular and easy to customize.

My Largest Mermaid Tail

This one was one of my first for a male friend and was super fun. I used Red Heart Yarn which I loved using, it’s not as easy/quick to get in the UK as I would like as I would do most projects with this.

It took me a lot of time to perfect the fin on this one.
The first one I did, was for myself, and the fin just didn’t sit right with me. You can’t appreciate the size of this tail, it was about 6ft from fin to top.

Mermaid fin 3

After looking for a long time at different styles of mermaid tails this one was adapted from an awesome pattern for a shark cocoon I did for my children.

Find the pattern here at: Off The Hook

I love looking at Offthehook as she does amazing patterns for amazing items.

I don’t have a pattern for the fin as I worked on it randomly and didn’t think to write it down until I had finished, and by then I just wanted to send the cocoon to it’s very excited owner. 🙂

Mermaid lingin 3

My First Ever Attempt

This is the very first one I tried, so it’s far from perfect but; it’s for me so it doesn’t have to be. 🙂
Mermaid lining

After seeing so many I thought a nice touch to add to the mermaid tails, and hopefully allow for more durability would be to add some form of lining, this would stop the wool from being pulled and stretched as much and also allow for extra snuggly – warmth during those cold evening I spend crocheting.

And it does just that. I used a fleece lining, as I have on all of my tails I have sold, and they have been very well received.

As you can see from the picture the fin on this tail is too small and doesn’t have as much wow factor as all the others I have done. I don’t remember where I got the pattern from but the body of the cocoon is pretty as it is shelled.

Crocodile Stitch Mermaid Tail (MY FAVOURITE)

This mermaid tail was so easy to do, and although it looks rather intricate, it was so much fun. For this, because of the colours, I couldn’t seem to get them in a thicker yarn that I liked. So I used 2 strands of double knit to do most fo the colour layers. But it worked out great.
Mini Mermaid
Again with this, I followed the pattern, and the fin just didn’t seem big enough, but I liked the shape and slight wave effect that was created with this, so I have used this many times  and just expanded the pattern to make it bigger for bigger tails.

I think I love everything about this one. It’s very “fish like” with the scale effect created by the crocodile stitches and I love the colours.

I have two boys and a lot of male friends so nearly everything I do is male focused, I rarely get to use girly colours on anything.

Mini mermaid lining

I bought this pattern from Penny’s Crochet Closet. Find her wonderful patterns on Etsy here: Pennys Crochet Closet

I love the lining on this, because it was small, I didn’t want to pack it out with fleece, so I used a lovely cotton material which I think looks absolutely lovely.

Other Mermaid Tails

All the mermaid tails I have done have been custom orders, I get people to choose the colour of the wool and fleece, and (when they can) the stitch they would like. Others let me have free reign and I love that, as I get to be as creative as I like. 🙂
The only think to note when beginning on making a mermaid tail is: they use a massive amount of yarn, especially for an adult one. And they are rather time consuming.
Finally, it gets rather warm when making an adult one as they are so big. 🙂

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Thank you for reading through my post.
This post is only to give some insight into making a mermaid tail and direct you to some wonderful creators of some wonderful patterns.

But if you are interested in purchasing a custom made one in the UK then visit:

Hook’d For You Etsy



Adventure Time Odd Mitts Pattern FREE

So, here’s the pattern for the Odd Mitts Adventure Time Themed.
Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, I think you’ll find these to be ALGEBRAIC!

This pattern was done to fit myself, an adult female. I will edit with other sizes, however for a slightly experienced crocheter you should be able to figure out the size for the mitt as the pattern is very simple and straight forward.

So, for this pattern I used:

Finn the Human:

  • Any Double Knit yarn: White, Blue, Peach/Flesh tone and Black.
  • 5mm Hook
  • Yarn needle for ends
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

Jake the Dog:

  • Any Double Knit yarn: Yellow/Orange, Black and White. 
  • 5mm Hook
  • Yarn needle for the ends
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

I started with Finn the Human.

Starting with BLUE for the Finn base: Ch 31, join chain with a slip stitch at 1st stitch to make a loop. (To size, simply see if it fits over your hand down to your wrist).

We will be working in rounds for the rest of the mitt.

Finn the Human Mitt

Round 1 – 8: 1 hdc in each stitch around, do not join at any point just continue to hdc around into the top of each stitch. (A stitch marker may be helpful, place into the first stitch of each new row and move upwards as you come round).
Change to White. Round 9 – 14: Attach white by pulling through loop on hook, continue working 1 hdc into each stitch around to round 14.
Round 15: Once at the end of round 14, ch 8, skip 6 stitches and hdc into the 7th stitch along. (This creates the thumb hole).  Continue again with 1 hdc per stitch around to the beginning of round 16.
Round 16: 6 hdc onto the ch 8 from previous round.Continue with 1 hdc per stitch around. SEE PICTURE.

20160510_15123320160510_151444Round 17 – 22: 1 hdc around until you finish at round 22. Before fastening off, continue on with 1 sc and then 1 sl st into the next  stitches, this will stop there being a step at the top of the glove. Fasten off and weave in the end.

Don’t forget to weave in the bottom end too if you haven’t already.

Finn’s Hat Ears

Lay piece flat with the thumb hole to the back. At the top right hand corner, attach white yarn.

Row 1: sc across 5, ch 1, turn.
Row 2: 5 sc across, ch 1, turn.
Row 3: 5 sc across, ch 1, turn.
Row 4: sc decrease, 1 sc, sc decrease, ch 1, turn.
Row 5: 3 sc across, ch 1, turn.
Row 6: sc decrease, 1 sc, ch 1, turn. Fasten off and weave in end.

Repeat this but leave a space of the hdc from the first ear before starting the second.

To finish the top of, sc around the top including the ears creating a nice finish. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Finn’s Face

We will be working this from side to side rather than top to bottom. Using a skin tone colour of your choosing.

Row 1: Ch 6, in 2nd ch from hook, 1 hdc across to end.
Row 2: 2 hdc in 1st st, 1 hdc in 2 st, 2 hdc in last st, ch 1, turn.
Row 3: 2 hdc in 1st st, 1 hdc in 4 st, 2 hdc in last st, ch 1, turn.
Row 4 – 8: 1 hdc across, ch 1, turn.
Row 9: 1 hdc decrease, 1 hdc in 4 st, 1 hdc decrease, ch 1, turn.
Row 10: 1 hdc decrease, 1 hdc in 2 st, 1 hdc decrease, ch 1, turn.
Row 11: 1 hdc across, fasten off.    *At this point decide if you will be hot glue gunning the accessories on or stitching them.*
If sewing leave a long tail for sewing on, if gluing, then weave in the end.
Embroider on two small eyes and a mouth in black yarn/embroidery thread.

20160510_161939I’m not very confident with my embroidery skills, so surely yours will look a lot better but you get the gist. 🙂

Now attach the face panel however you have chosen (I glued his face on), and then wallah, one finished Finn Mitt. Pretty MATHEMATICAL huh!


Now the Finn Mitt should be for your right hand if you’ve followed this pattern correctly. So now Jake the Dog will be the left.

Jake the Dog Mitt

Using Yellow/Orange yarn.

Ch 31, join with a sl st to form a ring. We will be working the Jake mitt in the same way, in continuous rounds. But with no colour changes.
Round 1 – 14: 1 hdc in each st around.
Round 15: 8 hdc into next 8 st, ch 8, skip 6 st, continue around until round 16.
Round 16: Continue with 1 hdc in each st, then 6 hdc onto the ch 8 of the previous round and continue on again to the end.
Round 17 – 22: 1 hdc in each st, at the end of round 22, continue with 1 sc, then 1 sl st and fasten off and weave in ends.

*This mitt should now be a left handed mitt*

Jake’s Ears

Ch 2, 4 hdc into 2nd ch from hook, sl st at top of 1st hdc to join, ch 1.
Row 1: 2 hdc in each st around, ch 1.
Row 2 – 5: 1 hdc around, s st, ch 1.
*Flatten your piece* Row 6: sc through both front and back loops 3 across. As pictured.


Before cutting end attach to top of mitt. At one of the edges, choose your positioning, and sc top of mitt to front loops only. As pictured again.


Repeat this step again to have 2 ears for Jake.

Jake’s Jowels

Using Yellow/Orange yarn.

Foundation hdc 10, ch 1, turn, sc across top. Fasten off.
Leave a long tail for sewing or alternatively weave in end, depending on method of attachment.


Jake’s Nose

Using black yarn.

Magic circle, 6 hdc into ring, sl st to join and fasten off.

Jake’s Eyes (Make 2) 

Using white yarn.

Magic circle, 6 hdc in loop, sl st, ch 1.
2 hdc in each st, sl st, join black yarn.
Sl st in next 2, 1 sc in next 4, sl st in 1, fasten off.
DO NOT go all the way round the eye with the black.

Attach the accessories for Jake in the same way as you did Finn. And again, wallah, you have a finished Jake the Dog Mitt.


If you have any difficulties let me know.
And if there are any issues with the pattern then please do notify me so I can alter it. This is my first ever pattern I’ve written so I hope it makes sense.
Enjoy your Mitts, My friends.


N/B sorry for the poor quality of the photos, I wasn’t sure if I was going to publish this if the pattern would go okay, which I think it did. 🙂


Well, I’m still figuring this out, but Welcome to Hook’dForYou!
I will be posting new crocheted projects, great ideas for crafty projects and hopefully, my own crochet patterns. (If they go well).

I’ve been crocheting for 8 months and love  DIY and crafty projects, although I don’t get as much time as I would like on things I enjoy.

I’ll keep you posted with new and exciting items on my Etsy Store too.

Thanks for popping by!


Adventure Time Odd Mitts

So, I recently found a picture of some Spongebob Squarepants & Patrick Starr Mittens.
As soon as my eldest son saw them he had to have them.
Me, being me, didn’t want to pay for the pattern so I studied the picture and made them. 🙂
Pretty successfully too I think.

20160308_142605Well, I got it into my head that I could create others, much like these of peoples favourite TV duos, that way there was no picking between. Because… well, let’s face it, Spongebobs not as funny without Patrick.


So, here are some Adventure Time, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human Odd Mitts…. MATHEMATICAL!!

I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt. So pleased, that I am in the process of typing up the pattern for these for you all the share. 🙂

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did creating them.